Lauda: Schumacher is Mascot

Former world champion Niki Lauda has called Michael Schumacher - Ferrari’s Mascot. Very funny!

    Niki Lauda has dismissed as ‘rubbish’ suggestions that Michael Schumacher’s attendance at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend is anything other than symbolic.

    “I am sure he will follow things closely,” Lauda, who himself was once an advisor to the Maranello based team, told the newspaper Welt.

    Lauda insisted: “But all this gossip about him being an advisor or an assistant is rubbish. I do not know what the internal arrangements are, but my belief is that he is simply curious about keeping motor racing as a part of his life.”

    “For Ferrari, I rather see him as a kind of mascot.”

I’ll bet that Schumacher is still on the payroll at Ferrari. Lauda may be a bit jealous.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.