Charity Begins at Home

It appears that McLaren and Ron Dennis have done something admirable and charitable.  They have donated money to an arts group in return for a loan of some inspiring artwork.
Team boss Ron Dennis, however, had revealed that he hoped displaying some of Britain's top sculptures around the huge and impressive Woking factory would stimulate workers ''individual creativity'.  It also emerges that, unlike the traditional team-sponsor arrangement of money in return for promotion, the only party forking out the cash for this arrangement is McLaren itself.
The team says it wants to help the Arts Council  'increase its already important support of the young and emerging artists working in Britain,' while the English broadsheet newspaper The Guardian revealed that Dennis is an avid art aficionado and recreational collector.
Now this is news that renews my faith in the goodness of the Formula One community.   How come we don't hear more about the good works of F1?

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.