Fastest Lap

Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen posted the fasted lap at a rain soaked track in Barcelona Spain on Tuesday.
In a continuation of yesterday's finale, Kimi Raikkonen accomplished the fastest lap on the wet, driving his Ferrari F2007 over the track in 1:30.280 ten seconds slower than yesterday (on the dry). He was followed by a surprise second-fastest lap from Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber, with Heikki Kovalainen taking third at the wheel of the Renault R27. The top five continued with Nick Heidfeld BMW and Nico Rosberg Williams, with Nico having a best time over two seconds behind the day's leader.
If the Bridgestone tires are better on the wet than the old Michelin's, then all lap times should tighten up and come in closer to one another.

Credit F1-Live.com for the quote.