Singapore is Out

It looks like the deal to race at night in Singapore is dead for this year. The government is balking at the cost and there are many difficult infrastructure changes.
The government said it was “willing to support such a venture up to a level commensurate with the broader benefits to the economy.”

The cost of hosting a race, which has been tipped to be the sport’s first night race, is estimated to be 70 million US dollars.

Aside from the costs, the paper said the task of working out logistics, particularly maximizing public safety and minimizing disruptions to local businesses in the area earmarked for the race, was proving to be a nightmare.

It said roads would have to be widened, curbs remodeled and crash barriers erected.

However, lighting was the main challenge as Formula One has no standards for this, having never before hosted a night race.

Those cars could race at Daytona at night. We’ve got plenty of lights.

Credit AFP for the quote.