What is Wrong With the Japanese Teams?

The two Japanese teams in Formula One, Honda and Toyota, have always gone into racing to win. 

But since they entered F both have had dismal seasons. Both Honda and Toyota have dominated other forms of open wheel racing in the past. 

Admittedly, Honda has had some small successes in F1 since it took over the team from BAR.  As an engine supplier to McLaren in the late 1980's, Honda settled for nothing less than victory. Honda does have a history in F1 that dates back to the 1960's.

Toyota has poured tens of millions of dollars into it's Formula effort and has little wins or podiums to show for it. What has happened to that traditional Japanese work ethic that drives those teams to win? How long will Toyota and Honda stand for less than winning results? 

I think one of the reasons a manufacturer gets into F1 is to sell cars.  You have to ask, how many cars can Toyota sell when the pinnacle of it's automotive technology can only muster a tenth place finish?