50 Years in Racing

When I was a kid growing up A.J. Foyt was the best race car driver in the world.  He won the Indianapolis 500 four times.  He has also won the 24 hours of Le Mans and the Daytona 500.  He's one of those guys that go back to an earlier time in racing when a driver had to be versatile.  Foyt recently reflected on his 50 years in racing:
"When I won the 400 at Daytona I got out of the car and I was blistered. My butt, my ankles, my feet were all burned. The first time I won it the race started at noon. It was terrible hot. I called in and said somebody throw some water on me. I am dying in this damn thing!  I am seeing black spots."
"I learned one thing. You don't throw water in the car. The water on the floorboard started steaming and I was like a lobster. The next time I came in for a pit stop they asked me if I wanted some water. No! I learned that the hard way."
I remember when he punched out Arie Luyendyk. Love him or hate him, A.J. Foyt is a real race car driver.