Loeb Wins Mexico

Since we can't get any coverage of the World Rally Championship on television, I thought I'd write a little something here. Sebastian Loeb won Rally Mexico. Loeb had to get off the snow in Norway to get back to his winning ways.  This Grunholm quote is from Yahoo:
"It didn't look so good for us on Friday when we were fifth but we recovered well," he said. "I found a good feeling with the car yesterday morning and from then on everything was perfect. Wee still leading both championships although Seb has closed on us a little here and I want to do better on the next round in Portugal.  The lack of power in the mountains was obvious all rally but that's the same for everyone and I had to get used to it." 
"It wasn't a hard rally for tyres and everyone made pretty much the same choices throughout.  If Seb wins it's crucial for me to finish second to ensure we don't drop many points.  That's what happened here but I hope we can reverse the situation on the next rally," he added.
Next up is the Rally of Portugal March 30 through April 1.