The Daytona 200

I'll be visiting Daytona International Speedway tomorrow to see the motorcycle racing that caps off bike week. At 11:15am the AMA Superbikes race and then at 2:00 pm the Formula Extreme bikes contest the 64th Daytona 200.  I've been trying to learn what all the different AMA classes are and what the differences are. The following is from the AMA website:
AMA Superbike - 0-600cc 4-stroke four- and twin-cylinders.
AMA Formula Xtreme are allowed the largest displacement engines in the AMA Chevrolet Superbike Championship:* 450cc-600cc multi-cylinder * 595cc-750cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder * 850cc-1350cc air-cooled twin-cylinder.
AMA Superstock Series - 745cc-1000cc multi-cylinders.
I'll be taking some pictures and will post a few here.