NASCAR = Pro Wrestling

Are NASCAR races fixed so that certain drivers or teams win? This from Motorsports.com:
Juan Pablo Montoya had the honor of becoming the first Latin-American racer to score a NASCAR victory: the Columbian who moved from Formula One racing to run stock cars with his former CART now Champ Car) team owner Chip Ganassi, landed his first NASCAR Busch Series win today in Mexico City.
Isn't it pretty convenient that Montoya should win in Mexico City? In one of his first drives in NASCAR. And what about that push that NASCAR wants to make into other markets - like Latin America? Yeah, I know he's Colombian, but they don't race in Colombia ... yet.

I don't really believe the races are fixed, but what about the appearance that the races are fixed?  There are many casual race fans out there who may get the wrong impression. It's not enough to be scandal free, you have to also appear scandal free.Ed Hinton, appearing on last night's Wind Tunnel, also compared NASCAR to pro wrestling.