No French Grand Prix! It's been well known that F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone does not like the remote location of Magny Cours.  Now it looks like it's off the calendar for 2008. This from Yahoo:
The news was not officially confirmed, but it would be the first time since 1955 that the country did not host a Formula One race.Ecclestone was recently critical of Magny Cours, which is one of the least popular destinations among F1's travelling regulars due to its isolated location and lack of accommodation.  In the magazine Autohebdo, Ecclestone accused the government of doing "nothing" to help Magny Cours. "For two years the autoroute has been stopped six miles from the circuit and they say that it could be another four or five years before the last bit is finished," he added.
It's been reported that Eccelstone wants a GP in Paris.