Mudslinging Continues

Spyker has lodged a protest against Toro Rosso claiming it's car is simply a copy of this year's Red Bull RB3. Is this anyway to behave? --
It's believed that Spyker team principal Colin Kolles, technical director James Key and team business affairs chief Ian Phillips spoke to the stewards after Thursday scrutineering to make an official complaint about the Toro Rosso STR although details of the complaint are not clear. Spyker allegedly claimed that the STR2 is a copy of this year's Red Bull RB3. We use the words 'allegedly', 'supposedly' and 'apparently' because so far no official statement has been made about the nature of the complaint. Reportedly there have been several meetings of the stewards with both Spyker and Toro Rosso but a decision is not likely until Friday. Toro Rosso has always believed its car is legal but, equally, Kolles thinks it's not.
Thanks motorsports.com.