All of a Sudden

All of a sudden Champ Car is filled with news.  Mario Dominguez is going back to Forsythe to partner with Paul Tracy.  It looks like Forsythe is going to run two cars this year after all.  Graham Rahal will be racing with Sebastian Bourdais at Newman/Hass/Lanigan.  Like I said in a previous post, I like Bobby Rahal and I like his son.  He's named after F1 great Graham Hill.  Will Graham be as good as his father, who won a CART championship and an Indy 500?
"I think he's learned pretty much everything he needed to learn before the season started, and it's a great thing for him," said Bourdais about his new teammate. "He's going to be probably one of the drivers who's really, in the rookie field the one that looks really strong because of the good preparation he's got and the talent he has."
Rocketsports and RuSport racing have merged:
"The joining of Rocketsports and RuSPORT is both a strategic and economic alliance," said Paul) Gentilozzi. "Two single car entries leave themselves without a technical sounding board that is certainly required today. Two drivers working together can expand the performance envelope when one is perhaps still looking for the right combination."
The new name is RSPORT. The first Champ Car race of the year is April 8 on the streets of Las Vegas.  Thanks to motorsports.com for the quotes.