Vote McCain - Kiss Your Retirement Goodbye

McCain Will Privatize Social Security: John McCain has repeatedly said he will privatize Social Security, but has now flipped the biggest flop. In light of this week's financial meltdown, it seems as though Sarah Palin is not the only poor choice McCain has made.

On the Rasmussen Report website, Joe Conason says McCain was still advocating the Bush privatization plan earlier this year in an attempt to please the conservative base and win the nomination.
...he told the Journal editors that he generally opposes regulation, he explained his plan to "reform" Social Security. "I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it," he said, "along the lines that President Bush proposed.
Obviously such remarks no longer serve Sen. McCain's political purposes, and certainly won't attract voters, who never liked the Bush plan -- and probably like those ideas even less as they watch the market ravage their pension funds and equity accounts. Listening to the Republican nominee promise this week to "protect "their retirement accounts, they might wonder how he will do that when so much of the value of those accounts has disappeared already. They might also wonder what would happen to the elderly and other beneficiaries of Social Security if the privatizers like him had succeeded in consigning their future to the same Wall Street sharks he now denounces for their greed and irresponsibility.
 Of course John McCain can be cavalier with your future because he doesn't have to worry about his retirement. He's a rich guy. His wife, Cindy "Woozy" McCain, has all the money in Arizona she made from being some rich guy's daughter. And you will have to eat cat food when you're old.