Obama Wins Debate

With all the fury surrounding the economic bailout and the proposed bill failure it's easy to lose track of the contest for president.  According to a USA Today/Gallup poll released Sunday 46 percent of debate watchers thought Obama did better than McCain. 34 percent thought McCain performed better. The following is from Politico's Alexander Burns:
The poll surveyed 701 adults who watched Friday's debate, and all interviews were conducted on Saturday. Obama's numbers have ticked up nationally since the debate, the first of three scheduled this year, along with next Thursday's vice-presidential face-off. In the Sunday update to Gallup\'s daily tracking poll, Obama widened his lead over McCain to 50-42 percent. Friday, in polling that preceded the debate, Obama had a five-point, 49-44 percent advantage.
Obama was also up in polls conducted by the Rasmussen Reports, Opinion Research Corp., Bloomberg/LA Times, and CBS/Knowledge Networks. Most polls show Obama ahead of McCain by more than the margin of error.