9/11 - Call It What It Is

Words matter -- and on this day, words matter more than ever. It's September 11, 2008. Seven years since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center in New York City.  Terrorists. That's what I call them and there's not much argument there. Most everyone agrees they were terrorists.

Sure, you can call today the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Like Bloomberg News, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times have.

I'm not sure I like to use the word anniversary for such a serious, solemn, and meaningful occasion. Seven years is not a long time. Memories are still fresh.

My anger has faded, but I can still remember those feelings of disbelief, uncertainty, and yes, terror. I'm not what most people would consider a right-winger, but because of the uncertainty of that day I was checking my guns and ammo, just to be sure, in case. In case what I didn't know. I was thinking about my life, home, and family as I sat stunned watching the television that whole day. I hope to never see another day like it.

According to dictionary.com the first definition of the word anniversary means "the yearly occurrence of a date or event".  Sure that describes 9/11, but it's a little cold. The second definition is "the celebration or commemoration of such a date".

I would prefer to use the word commemoration to describe today's date. Today is the seventh commemoration of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I'll reserve the word anniversary for joyous events like weddings, engagements, friendships, graduations, etc. Today I'll solemnly and with respect remember all the victims, living and dead, of that terrible day. Today I'll commemorate 9/11.