McCain - Not Ready to Lead

As the election approaches it's becoming clearer and clearer that John McCain is not ready to lead. His reaction to last weeks financial meltdown was troubling. Waffling and flip-flopping should be better left at the IHOP. Here's a clear example of the unsteadiness of McCain from an editorial in the Buffalo News:
McCain’s views, meanwhile, remain no better than muddy and often contradictory. One day he says the fundamentals of the economy are sound, while they next he says they are troubled. On another day he opposes a bailout for AIG, while the very next, he says a bailout was unavoidable. Before this campaign, he waved the conservative flag of deregulation; now, he says lack of regulation helped bring about the current fiscal crisis.
I'm no spring chicken, but I think McCain is just too old to keep up with the changes and the rapid pace of today's world. It takes more than someone with wits and resolve, it takes someone with stamina to keep up with a 24-7 world. McCain is at that age where he should be thinking about relaxing, fishing, and playing checkers with his old friend Bob Dole.