McCain-Palin Mute During Largest Economic Crisis in History

The McCain-Palin campaign likes to talk about reform and experience and other presidential sounding stuff. But lately they've been mostly mute on the largest economic disaster in recent history. And how do they feel about endorsing the re-election campaign of beloved republican Senator Ted Stevens from Palin's home state? ABC News' Jake Tapper wanted to know, so he asked:
The response from the McCain-Palin campaign was as simple as the question I'd asked: Will get back to you.
It looks like McCain and Palin like to talk, but like that stuck-up friend you had in high school, only about things they want to talk about. They don't like talking to reporters because they're mavericks. Tapper:
Combine that with the facts  that Sen. McCain has gone 41 days without taking questions from the press corps following him around, and that Gov. Palin has gone every one of the 25 days since she was introduced to the nation as McCain's running-mate without holding a press conference. 
It all adds up to a campaign that seems to think it should be handed over the keys to leadership of the Free World without having to answer straight-forward, substantive, tough questions from the Fourth Estate. That's called lack of accountability.
It's not nice to make network television news reporters mad by not answering a simple question -- if you want to be president. Maybe it's a good thing that McCain hasn't called a press conference. He'd just get all mad and red-faced and start yelling at the reporters to get off his lawn.