John McCain is Clueless

John McCain can't be serious when he says the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Spoken as only an out of touch, well-heeled, 72 year old man can. I would have to agree with Ken Layne's Outrage!
That he still has no idea America is crumbling -- its middle class, infrastructure, manufacturing base and banking system -- is almost funny.
Of course it's not too funny if you're one of the 605,000 people who lost a job this year, or one of the 2 million homeowners who lost their house to foreclosure in 2008, or somebody ready to retire on a 401k that lost 30% or 40% in value in the past year.
It's true that Ken Layne's opinion skews a bit left of center. But now even McCain's supporters on the right are starting to turn on him. See the following: