McCain Drug Abuse Cover-Up

It looks like being the wife of a high-powered, national politician was not only difficult for Betty Ford but also for Cindy McCain. New details are emerging regarding Mrs. McCain's taste for prescription narcotics and possible attempts to cover it up by Mr. McCain.  In an article for the alt-news website The Raw Story, whistleblower Tom Gosinski, a former employee of a medical-aid charity is speaking out publicly for the first time.  Gosinski:
...says he can't buy the official McCain camp line that Cindy's drug abuse was kept from her husband, he saw and heard too much for any of their stories to make sense -- like the time Cindy was allegedly taken to the hospital after an overdose and John rushed in to berate the doctors and nurses there before moving Cindy to their secluded Sedona ranch. Then there were the Hensley family interventions and the fact that Cindy's drug abuse came to be something of an open secret among employees of the charity.