The New Depression

I've been wondering for a few years why I keep working harder and I'm not making any more money. It seems like just  a few years ago I had extra money for home improvements or just something fun.

This New York Times article sums it up --  no one is doing better.

"More than anything else — more than even the war in Iraq — the stagnation of the great American middle-class machine explains the glum national mood today. As part of a poll that will be released Wednesday, the Pew Research Center asked people how they had done over the last five years. During that, remember, the overall economy grew every year, often at a good pace. 
Yet most respondents said they had either been stuck in place or fallen backward. Pew says this is the most downbeat short-term assessment of personal progress in almost a half century of polling."

Thanks to the New York Times for this article.  Now that I know why I'm broke, I don't feel any better -- or richer.