Max Mosley Stays for Now

It appears that Formula One's newest "whipping boy", FIA President Max Mosley, will be able to stay on until at least June 3 when a hearing is scheduled.  The following excerpt is from my hometown paper, The Orlando Sentinel (suprising!)
Max Mosley isn't going anywhere soon. The FIA's general assembly will convene in Paris on June 3 to hear Max Mosley's defense in the wake of his lurid Nazi sex scandal with five prostitutes. 
The reason it will take so long is that 222 motoring organizations from 130 countries will be invited. It takes a while to get those travel plans to Paris settled, doesn't it?
In related news, the FIA said Wednesday that anything Mosley wins from his legal action against News of the World, the tabloid which broke the story, will be donated to charity.
How nice of him. The FIA always moves at a glacial pace but on this they should really step up the pace. I think Mosley needs to go immediately.