Our Modern Life

What does it say about the world we live in and the people we live with when someone gets punched out in line for the teacup ride at Disney World? 

There's a story in the local news and a courtroom trial here regarding a woman who allegedly punched another woman at Disney. This excerpt is from an Orlando Sentinel story

"Lori Tamplin and her daughter Darby, 10, both of Louisiana, told the jury in Orlando that they saw Victoria Walker, 51, repeatedly punch Aimee Krause, 35, in the head at Disney's Mad Tea Party ride.
Jurors also watched the videotaped testimony of Ashley Mayeux, also of Louisiana, who was unable to attend the trial.
Victoria Walker had Aimee by the ponytail and had taken her head and was slamming it on the side of the teacup," Mayeux said in the video.  Walker, of Anniston, Ala., has been charged with aggravated battery and battery."

This is turning out to be a "she said" "she said" type of case.   They offered Walker a plea deal which she turned down.  Now if she's convicted, she'll get up to 16 years hard .  If she's convicted I predict there will be cries of racism.