The Baby Came Early

Our new bundle of joy arrived on Saturday June, 22. Earlier then expected. And what a beautiful baby it is.

I have read some stories and seen videos about the poor build quality of cargo trailers and a couple of stories about poor Diamond Cargo builds.  I have inspected this new trailer from top to bottom. This is a super high-quality built cargo trailer from Diamond Cargo. All the exterior screws
are perfectly lined up. Straight to the middle of the steel frame. The same with the interior. All screws are in straight and true.  All the lights are working. The interior is 7' 3" which puts the overall height at a whopping 9 feet. The extended tongue leaves plenty of room for LP tanks. The thicker aluminum skin in silver color is so beautiful, it's stunning. Imagine an Airstream but built even more like a tank.

I added a special request in the comments section of the order. I told them this was going to be an RV and to take special care with the build quality.  I didn't expect for my request to be read or followed but I was hoping.  I don't know if they did take special care with mine or if they are all done this well but I am so impressed with the attention, care and quality on this cargo trailer. Well done Diamond Cargo.

I have been kicking around a few ideas for the layout but it was difficult to visualize them. The build considerations stem out of conversations the wife and I had after our 2019 Sebring trip. Some of the most important features we want are:
  • Comfortable beds
  • Quiet cabin
  • More room
Otherwise we were pretty happy with the features of the popup. Popup features we will build into the new RV:
  • Indoor/Outdoor cooking
  • 17 gallons of onboard water
  • Awning
  • Dual propane tanks
  • Sink
Now we are including new features in the cargo trailer like:
  • Cargo ramp to be a back porch
  • Grey water tank
  • Toilet
  • Couch
  • Galley
With the trailer here now, the planning begins in earnest.

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