Where to Buy?

After deciding on a 7' by 14' tandem axle trailer the question was: Where to buy one?  Well, because I'm "Mr. Cheap" the first place I turned to was Craigslist. After a few weeks of looking it became clear that it was damn-near impossible to find a good used trailer in the size we wanted on Craigslist. When I did find one it was beaten up. No matter the condition, Craigslist trailers were going for the same price as, or a few hundred dollars less than, a brand new one.

New trailers do not cost that much. Retail trailer sales lots in our area did have the size I wanted at a decent price but you have to be satisfied with the stock, plain-Jane white trailer. All of them are 6'3" inches in height. It wanted a trailer with some additional headroom.

After looking at a lot of the trailers online the wife and I went to a local lot to look at some cargo trailers in person. We looked at a 6' x 12' and a 7' X 14. They had a "cheap, bare-bones line" that had a thin outside skin, OSB interior walls and steel frame ribs at 24" on center. And they had an upgraded line that had a little thicker outside skin, plywood interior walls and frame ribs at 16" on center. There were a few more minor differences. It was helpful to see one in real life, take some measurements and see the quality of construction.  We were already nearly decided to custom order a trailer but it was good to go see some in real life.

It became clear that ordering a new one would have many advantages. You can get the size, color and other features you want.

I started researching online trailer sales. Every online trailer sales company seemed to offer the exact same package. After a couple of weeks it became clear that almost all trailers that are sold east of the Mississippi are made in Georgia.  It doesn't matter who you buy them from they are all made in the same place.

I found Diamond Cargo Trailers online. They offered an online configurator that you can go through and check off the type of trailer and the features you want. You can place your order quickly and easily. I did call the sales department to ask a couple of questions which they answered quickly.  They confirmed they can deliver the trailer right to my house.

On June 4th I placed my order.  We ordered a 7' X 14', with an additional 12 inches of height, an extended 60" tongue, and a thicker .030" outer aluminum skin in silver. I forgot to ask how long it takes but I've heard about four weeks. Now we wait.

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