The Academy Awards

I could only stay up until 10:30 last night while watching the Oscars.  Ellen seemed to do an adequate job of hosting.  She was really inoffensive but somewhat boring.   Maybe that's what the producers wanted.

Is it me or are these big epic events becoming bland, mundane and uninteresting?  First the Super Bowl wasn't so super and now the Academy Awards didn't seem to have any glamour.  Why am I not impressed by the Academy Awards ceremony. I did see the Last King of Scotland Saturday night. Forest Whitaker did such a good job as Idi Amin. I thought the story was a little too realistic to have been adapted from a novel. Whitaker had one good eye and one funky, slightly closed eye which brought a whole new level of evil to the character.

Surprising they snubbed Clint Eastwood for Best Director. I thought he was a lock. It only won for best sound editing. What the F?

I must see the winner of Best Live Action Short Film:"West Bank Story". It looks hilarious.

Here's a look at all the winners. The following is just some of the top categories.

Best Picture: The Departed
Best Leading Actor: Forest Whitaker
Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson