Possible Radar Detector Ban

Well, this just chaps my hide. Florida State Senator Steve Oelrich is sponsoring a bill that would outlaw radar detectors in Florida. Senate Bill 2228:
A driver may not operate a motor vehicle on a street or highway in this state if the vehicle is equipped with a device that is in operating condition and readily accessible for use by the driver or any passenger and that detects, jams, or otherwise interferes with the operation of a radar, as defined in s. 316.1906, operated by a law enforcement officer.
This guy has confused the use of radar detectors with traffic fatalities. This from the Orlando Sentinel:
"Many of the crashes I worked on in my years of law enforcement would not have been as devastating if the driver had not been speeding," said Oelrich, R-Cross Creek. "Radar detectors give motorists a false sense of security that they can break the law and get away with it."
This is a call to contact your representatives and tell them this is a bad law.   I'll be contacting the major radar detector companies.Florida Legislators How to make your voice be heard.