Coulthard the F1 Driver

Say what you will about David Coulthard, he has certainly lasted in a sport where many don't last more than a season.  He started his F1 career in 1994, and at 35 he is still a very competitive driver and not about to retire. With hard charging Aussie Mark Webber and design genius Adrian Newey on the Red Bull squad this year, the team may have a podium or two in its future. Coulthard may have gray in his beard but retirement is the furthest thing from him mind. This incredible quote from ESPN:
"I just don't think about not racing," DC said. "I don't think about not racing today, and I didn't think about it when I was 3 and I didn't think about it when I was 24 any more than any of you think about the day you die. "You don't live your life worrying about that day. It is inevitable.  It is inevitable that I will stop racing.
Coulthard's last win came in 2003 with McLaren.