UN Secretary General Clinton

I got a telemarketing call from the National Rifle Association the other day. I know how I got on their list. They got my name from the state database of individuals with a concealed weapons permit.

After explaining that I have NO money to give them numerous times, the telemarketer had one final pitch. The NRA probably thinks it’s the greatest scare tactic of them all and I could see a lot of right-wingers thinking it’s a plausible scenario.

The telemarketer said that the U.N. wants to pass a law or rule that would take all the guns away from the citizens of the United States. She said that former president Bill Clinton was attempting to become the next U.N. Secretary General. She said that if former first lady Senator Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, then Bill Clinton as head of the U.N. would pass the law disarming all U.S. citizens and Hillary would somehow make it legal in the U.S.

What a delicious conspiracy theory! There’s so many people that hate the Clintons that I could see how that pitch would get to some right-wingers. The NRA probably gets a lot of donations from that  pitch.