First Post

It seems appropriate to make one of my first new blog posts about Formula One.  I've been a fan for years and while my interest has waxed and waned I still find myself strangely attracted to this European "sport".

This weekend finds our precious drivers contesting at the legendary track in Silverstone, England.  This used to be an old World War Two airbase where brave British flyboys would venture into the skys to defend their homeland against Messerschmitts and Folkkers.

It seems our two main contestants, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher represent a new European sport montage. A Spaniard driving for a French team versus a German driving for an Italian team. Both battling in Great Britain. Many teams are headquartered near Silverstone and sometimes team members complain about the weather.  Too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  

Courtesy of Yahoo and senior meteorologist Martin Chuter, here is the weather forecast for this weekend at Silverstone.
Friday - A mild start to the day, but expect spells of very warm sunshine during the morning and afternoon. Little cloud, and dry, becoming hot by mid to late afternoon. Quite breezy, with south-easterly winds providing slight relief from the heat, with mean speeds of 14mph. Top ambient temperature 27C, 79F. Zero per cent risk of precipitation.

Saturday - Another dry and fine day expected. Very warm during the morning, becoming hot for the afternoon. Clear, blue skies, with lots of sunshine. Some patchy cloud developing, with moderate south-easterly winds, mean speeds reaching 17mph. Top ambient temperature 28C, 82F. Zero per cent risk of precipitation.

Sunday - the ambient temperature rises, along with the humidity, showers and thunderstorms are likely to break out across the Midlands. Isolated around midday, becoming more widespread later in the afternoon. Hazy sunshine mixed with a good deal of cloud. Lighter southerly breezes, mean speeds around 10mph. Top ambient temperature 29C, 84F. Forty per cent risk of precipitation.