F1 Notes - Silverstone

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Here are a few random thoughts on F1.

Dispite Raikkonen's podium finish at Silverstone over the weekend, it looks like Kimi is simply "phoning it in".  The old drive and determination seem to be gone. Raikkonen hasn't announced where he will be next season, but everyone agrees that it's unlikely he will be with McLaren. Rumor: Montoya says he would drive for McLaren without pay next season.

 Apparently he hasn't gotten any good offers from other teams. I can't help but wonder whether Alonso is rethinking his decision to go to McLaren next year.

An empty seat at Renault leaves a place for Kimi. It would be interesting to see Kimi in the blue and yellow car next season! Schumacher still seems to have the old drive and competitiveness.  But it's looking less and less like he will be a contender for this year's championship.

At the beginning of the year I was thinking if Schumacher won the championship this year he would finally retire.  Now I'm not so sure. Not sure he will win and not sure he will retire.

It looks like Rubens Barrichello is doing better than Jenson Button at Honda.  I thought Rubens would be a washout. Now they need to overcome mechanical problems.

Next weekend begins one of the most significant motor races of the season, LeMans. I'll be watching and enjoying this classic contest.