Cliff Jumping Safety Rules

In this story from Twin Falls, Idaho, a man was injured after jumping off a cliff in the Snake River Canyon into the water below. According to the story it's not unusual for young people to jump 10 or maybe even 20 feet off these cliffs into the water. As measured by the Twin Falls police, Josh Tucker jumped 131 feet.  He was only about 20 feet from the rim of the canyon.  He suffered a compound fracture of the leg. Tucker said, "It all looks the same after 80 feet."  What is really surprising are the "cliff jumping safety rules" included as a sidebar to the story.
1. Jump feet first.
2. Keep your body completely vertical.
3. Squeeze your feet together.
4. Enter the water feet first, and clench your buttocks together. If you do not, water might rush in and cause severe internal damage).
5. Protect your crotch area by covering it with your hands.
6. Immediately after you hit the water, spread your arms and legs wide and move them back and forth to generate resistance, which will slow your plunge to the bottom.
But beware:* Hitting the water as described above could save your life, although it might break your legs.* If your body is not straight, you can break your back upon entry. Keep yourself vertical until you hit the water.* Do not even think about going in headfirst unless you are absolutely sure that the water is at least 20 feet deep. If your legs hit the bottom, they will break. If your head hits, your skull will break.
This sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Too bad about that broken leg thing though.