Canadian GP Definitely Off

After being off, then on the calendar, it appears the Canadian Grand Prix is off for 2004.

Canada's tough new anti-tobacco advertising laws will prevent the running of the Canadian Grand Prix as well as CART races in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. The anti-tobacco laws have put the Player's racing effort out of business also.

Player's race team owner, Gerry Forsyth had a point about how Canadians might react when they realize there will be no auto racing in Canada next year.  I can't seem to find any mention of his comments anywhere on the web. Canada F-1 promoter Normand Legault says there's still a chance the race could be held. Here are his comments from F1-Live.com.
Race promoter Normand Legault confirmed Monday that the race was off the 2004 F1 calendar. "I spoke to him F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone) on the telephone and wee still missing from the 2004 calendar," Legault said. He still held out a little hope however that the race could be rescued. "I think there is still a small chance of getting the race back on the 2004 calendar.
That would be if Bernie Ecclestone accepted that the cars would race without tobacco advertising like they do in France and Great Britain. However without that advertising we would have to find 20 million dollars in sponsorship from somewhere else."
Some people say you get what you pay for, but you also get what you vote for too.