Automobile News

Interesting developments in the auto world...

Good news for drug dealers everywhere. Ford announced it will produce an amored Lincoln Town Car. This from WPVI channel 6 in Philly:
The Lincoln Town Car Model is described as a "ballistic vehicle", and is equipped to withstand ammo from high powered rifles and some grenades. The vehicle has much thicker windshield and car windows.

Other than that, the naked eye will not discern a difference between the two, unless the price tags are attached. The standard Lincoln is priced at $40,000 dollars. The Ballistic Model is being sold for $140,000 bucks.
 And it was inevitable. The first car with a million dollar price tag  No, it's not made of gold with diamond-studded tires either. It's the Bugatti Veyron. This is from MSN:
A worthy successor to the elegant and powerful Bugattis of the past, the Veyron 16·4 is powered by a 1001-horsepower W16 quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter engine with all-wheel drive. Bugatti claims this new super car will reach a speed of 252 mph. Acceleration is also impressive–the Veyron can reach 180 mph in just 14 seconds!

The elegant design pays tribute to original Bugatti designs and each car will be custom tailored to exactly the buyer’s specifications.
The Veyron is made by Volkswagon. One thousand horsepower was not enough. This car had to have one thousand and ONE horsepower. Shazam!

The Queen of Horse Power informs me that Formula One champion Michael Schumacher bought the first Veyron. Of course, a million is just pocket change for Schumacher.