War Plans

It appears that the U.S.'s Iraq disarmament plan (war plan) has multiple layers of increasing violence, complexity, and flexibility. To date, it seems to have unfolded this way:

Plan A -- Bellicose rhetoric forces Saddam to seek asylum in another country. Coalition forces (U.S. forces) enter Iraq unopposed.

Plan B -- U.S. in contact with senior Iraqi army officers. Encourage Iraqi army officers to assassinate or otherwise depose Saddam.

Plan C -- War -- Target Saddam with precision munitions. Kill Saddam. Enter Iraq unopposed.

Plan D -- Shock and Awe -- Intense targeted bombing campaign causing the immediate demoralization of Iraqi leadership and surrender of Iraqi forces. Assassination or otherwise removal of Saddam.

Plan E -- Coalition forces rapidly sweep through Iraq to the outskirts of Baghdad. As Iraqi leadership realizes that resistance is futile, Saddam is assassinated or otherwise removed.

Plan F -- Because of stiff resistance, U.S. forces remain in place. Target and destroy any opposing forces. Keep supply lines open. Secure rear areas. Regroup and re-supply for main assault on Baghdad.

Who knows how the plan will change in the days and weeks ahead. Be surprised at nothing. Although right now it seems as though the war will go on for weeks, it could still end sooner. A trusted Iraqi general with a bullet for Saddam could end this war in 24 hours.