Albert Park Wrap

It appears the new Formula One rules and the rain certainly mixed things up in Melbourne, Australia this past weekend. Michael Schumacher lost the race because his team failed him in the pits. Rest assured THAT won't happen again. I can almost hear Michael screaming from here.

Michael's brother Ralf continued his lackluster performance. It seems as though his heart just isn't in his racing.

I thought Villenueve was finally going to live up to expectations, but alas it was not to be. Hey Jacques! If your not going to drive to win, get out of the sport!

Couthard's winning strategy was the same one used by Carlos Sainz in the Turkey Rally: Wait for everyone in front of you to either crash or break.

Raikkonen deserved to win but didn't and Montoya almost won and didn't deserve it.

I thought Firman looked good. The Renault team looks like they are serious about winning this year. Barrichello continues to be the hard-luck kid by sliding out early on an oil patch.

My favorite big-dollar team continues to be Williams-BMW. My favorite small-dollar team this year is Sauber.

Michael Schumacher will retire at the end of the year if he wins another world title (if that's the case Reubens will be canned also).

Renault will replace Jordan as the best after Ferrari, McLaren, and Williams.

Ford management will decide they are not getting a good return for their marketing dollar and dissolve the Jaguar team after the end of the season.