Universal Orlando to Viacom?

It's no secret that Vivendi-Universal has been a little short on cash. It's also reported that some of Vivendi's U.S. assets, including the Universal Orlando theme park, will be soon be on the auction block. Vivendi stock has risen in the past few days on auction rumors.

There's been a lot of chatter about Viacom chief Sumner Redstone as a bidder for certain Vivendi holdings in the U.S.
Viacom has already said it would be interested in Vivendi's TV networks Sci Fi and USA. Redstone discussed the other assets, namely Hollywood's Universal Studios and the theme parks, at the meeting with Fourtou, one source said. But it is still unclear if he would be prepared to go for those as well, he added.
Viacom already owns Paramount studios and theme parks so may not be willing to stand up to the anti-trust scrutiny. The bidding may begin after Vivendi's board meeting tomorrow.