One Thing Leads to Another

From England, The Fixx and their song One Thing Leads to Another reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in November of 1983. Who remembers Reach the Beach? For this camper build, it's probably more accurate to say one thing depends on another.

It's been more then 2 months since my last update on the cargo trailer-to-camper conversion.  Summer work puts a pinch on project-time fun. Here in sunny Florida, daily monsoon-like rains and nearly 14 hours of sunlight every day means the grass is growing 24-7. I'm mowing acres of grass every weekend ... all weekend. Respite comes at the end of September when the reduced sunlight cues the grass to slow down and then stop growing for the year.

In my last post I was astounded at the gaps where the floor is supposed to meet the walls.

To fix that I moved the existing flooring over and used some old OSB to fill the gaps. I caulked every gap I could and used spray foam insulation to fill the larger gaps.  Rather then entertain you with my witty narrative, I'll just show some pictures of my recent progress. As always, clicky on the image to see a larger version.

Running both the 110v and 12v wiring. This reminds me of my old car stereo days.
I'm used to doing this with wood studs in a home, not a metal structure.
I hope this is enough. It's going to be difficult to add a circuit after the walls go up.

I'm using some 3/4 inch coated Styrofoam. Looking back to front.
Insulation looking front to back.
I ran 12v for my ceiling lights but haven't insulated yet.
I'm struggling with finding a location for the toilet that is clear of the boxed steel floor supports.

When I say one thing depends on another, this is what I mean.
  • To install the windows I have to put the plywood back on the walls.
  • To put the plywood back up I have to run my 110, 12v wiring and install the insulation.
  • To run the wiring I had to decide where the power center -- batteries, inverter and breaker boxes would go.
  • To decide where the power center would be and run my wires I had to plan my electrical system. 
  • To know the exact placement of the windows I had to rough frame in the back wall and the bed.
  • Before putting up the back wall I had to frame in the front wall and the toilet/closet.
My first thoughts were that I'd work this conversion from back to front but it's turned out to be front to back. What I have now is a number of sections in the beginning stage and nothing complete.

I have 2- 24" X 36" windows to go on each side of the main living area. I have one 24" X 16" window to go above the galley and one 12" X 12" to go in the door. I created a window template and have marked to install my two largest windows.  Now I must screw on some bravery, get out the jigsaw, and cut huge holes in the side of my beautiful trailer.

I said that I'm calling it a trailer until the windows are in. After that, it becomes a camper.  Don't miss my next dispatch when we learn if it's a dream or a dud.

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