Benediction 2.0

Last month's PRPD conference in Atlanta was so much fun for me. The sessions I attended were filled with lots of great information.  It was a lot of new information about radio production I didn't know before. I got to see many old friends. One of them I've known since 1986.  I had an opportunity to meet many new people who I now count as friends.

And getting away from the daily grind and getting to see a new city was a blessing. Indeed it was a great conference but the last session floored me.

The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, brought a special magic to the closing session called Benediction 2.0.  The audience participated by reading actual complaint letters from listeners, there was a real, live high school marching band and it was capped off with fresh pie for everyone in the room. It was the perfect end to a perfect week. Let's go to the videotape -

I'm not sure this closing of the PRPD conference can ever be topped. And I'm really happy to have been there to see it in person.