A New Way Forward

I was recently turned on to a series of exciting new storytelling projects. It's a whole new way to look at public media.

The different projects are referred to as Localore.

Here's a bit from their website...

"AIR's nationwide Localore production accelerates innovation at public radio and TV stations and sinks new taproots into local communities with "full-spectrum" models that blend on-air, screen, and street media. Together, Localore's 10 lead producers—with their stations, interactive storytelling partner Zeega, and a team of more than 230 collaborators—are laying the ground for a more inclusive 21st-century public media."

I got to listen to some of the Localore producers speak at a recent conference and they described an environment where public media R&D can occur, where new tools are used to create new ways of telling stories. I've heard some of these stories on the radio and they blew me away. Sounds awesome.

Here's a link to a shorter 34 minute version on Vimeo

Here's a 1-hour + LONG YouTube video that describes Localore.