Already Looking Good for Obama

There are the great unwashed masses out here in America that hope to heavens that our government can get something done soon about the abject mess the country is in. Politics is out. Working together to help America and Americans become strong again is the most patriotic thing the new Administration and Congress can do.

This snippet from Marc Ambinder, if true, is good news.
Behind the scenes, Obama himself and many key aides have been making overtures to conservative Democrats.
These Democrats want budget off-sets included with every expensive piece of legislation that Obama sends to the Hill; at the very least, they want the White House to incorporate centrists in decision-making.
Importantly, Barack Obama doesn't seem to be too interested in everyone else's opinion of how he's supposed to run his White House. This can only be a good thing (unless you're a Republican praying for Obama to make a fool of himself). It seems that, much like with the campaign, he has some long term goals and isn't worried about engaging in small fights over things like his West Wing staffing choices.
Can it be true? Is politics as usual over? Are we returning to that post-911 feeling that brought the country together? We can only hope.