Bad Economy

How many times do Republicans have to try supply-side economics and fail before they figure out it doesn't work?

I have a theory. If our government would lower taxes for the middle class, they would start spending money and the economy would rise out of it's funk.  I've heard over and over about how the spending of the middle class keeps the economy afloat and growing. 

For sure the mortgage crisis and high fuel prices are dragging down the economy but imagine how much better it would be if people had some money to spend. 

And I don't mean this measly $600 dollars the government is giving out. Tax breaks for the wealthy don't help the economy. They don't spend money on consumer goods at Wal-Mart and Target.  They tend to save their money. 

Even if the rich were spenders, there's not enough of them to have a great impact on the economy. At least not like 50 or 100 million Americans with extra money in their pockets every week.

NY Times article on the economy.