Montoya is Out, Declares, "Show Me The Money"

Everyone is putting a good spin on the exit of Juan Pablo Montoya at McLaren. Why do I think there's more to the story then we are hearing. Like, a LOT more. Oh well, I guess we won't know until someone writes their memoirs. Until then we can read these quotes from f1live.com via Yahoo!
Ron Dennis: We have agreed that with so many things happening in Juan Pablo's life right now, he should take some time out of the car and prepare professionally and personally for the future."
Juan Montoya: I have enjoyed most of my time in Formula 1 and I'm grateful for this opportunity to settle my personal life and concentrate on my future career.
My wife was wondering what name he will use in NASCAR. When he drove in CART he was known as Juan Montoya. When he went to F1 he used his middle name, Pablo, which I think is his father's name. I told her he should change his name to John Montoya.