He is Too Competitive to Just Retire

Well, the Formula One season is over and Michael Schumacher did not win his eighth championship. I don't feel as though Fernando Alonso really won the championship. He simply held on at the end and didn't lose it.

A lot of mediocre drivers have won the F1 championship.  Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill spring to mind. That's how it goes in the world of sports. There are triumphs and there are tragedies.

My wife predicts a coming "dark era" in F1 where drivers are bland and uninteresting.  Races will be boring and predicable.

We went to the first USGP to be held at Indy in 2000 and were lucky enough to see a Ferrari one-two victory.  That should be enough for anyone for a lifetime. You can tell the story for the rest of your life about how you saw the greatest Formula One driver in history win a race.

So long Michael. Now start making your plans to return.