The Cutup Machine

This isn't as much fun I thought it was going to be. Try the William S. Burroughs Cutup Machine . I plugged in two N.Y. Times articles:

Study in Hong Kong Suggests a Higher Rate of SARS Death
Turks Reject U.S. Criticism of Opposition to Iraq War

Here's what I got:
epidemic was first detected in March, the White House position on the to 7.2 percent. war. accused France of trying by the World Health Organization had to take NATO hostage and of ranged from 2 percent, when the threatening smaller countries that had backed be among sincerity," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan infectious diseases with the highest death said. Meanwhile, Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's national rates. Until now, fatality rates reported security adviser, bound to change somewhat as an made any mistakes, and has taken epidemic continues. But unless the numbers all the necessary steps in all fall drastically, SARS would opening its doors to people, the first major epidemiological study the American military during the Iraq of the disease suggests. Mortality rates are war. "Turkey, from the very beginning, never 55 percent States deputy defense secretary, suggesting that in people 60 and older, and the country had made a mistake up to 13.2 percent in younger by not The death rate from SARS may Officials in Turkey today rejected criticism be significantly higher than health officials by Paul D. Wolfowitz, the United had thought, up to
If I ever write a book, I'll drop in a paragraph or two of this gobbledygook to confuse and frustrate readers. It also lends an air of artistic pretension.