Geraldo is a Dodo

In 1976 I happened to see an ABC TV story by a young reporter named Geraldo Rivera. I don't even remember what the story was about. I thought it was cool that a member of my generation, some guy with long hair, was doing news reports on TV.

I stopped thinking Geraldo was cool when he did that "Al Capone's basement" thing. It's just gotten worst over the years. I don't even think his real name is Geraldo Rivera. At one time he used the name Jerry Rivers. Now he's just like some carnival freak.

Guess what Geraldo? If you didn't do stupid shit, people wouldn't point at you and laugh. He's now got about as much credibility as the Iraqi Information Minister. This from a CNN story:

"I'm filled with smoldering anger at the grotesque exaggeration fostered by my cable competitors," Rivera writes.

HA! Smoldering Anger!! I'm rolling on the floor with laughter. Here's the whole story: CNN.com - Geraldo attacks news rivals - May. 2, 2003