Rather-Saddam Interview

I watched the robot Dan Rather interview Saddam Hussein last night.

Beforehand I thought, "How interesting and informative it would be to hear the words come directly from the evil dictators mouth". It was less than informative and somewhat disappointing.

Saddam sounded like an uneducated, second-rate city councilman who's found religion.

When asked a direct question he was evasive in that annoying "politician" way. You know, his mouth was moving, and words were coming out but he wasn't saying anything useful.

Saddam knew his image would be seen by people in his neighboring countries so he invoked the name of Allah on several occasions to explain away his lack of real answers. "... it's in the hands of Allah..." blah, blah, blah. He was speaking to like-minded people, fellow uneducated religious fanatics in a language they could understand.

I suppose Rather did an adequate job. He tried to ask the questions he thought typical Americans would. He wasn't exactly an attack dog, but he was working in a difficult position. He tried to stay in the background and not make himself part of the story, but wasn't completely successful.

The interview confirmed what I already felt about Saddam. He is a lying, criminal, killer who rose to power, not through wit, but through ruthless slaughter. The sooner he and his sick family are exploded, the better.