Poor strategy ... perhaps

You can argue about the numbers, but it's certain that there were quite a few antiwar protesters in the streets over the weekend. Some nations, like France and Germany, are arguing to give UN weapons inspectors more time. Let's suppose we give inspections more time. Weapons are found and destroyed and Iraq is disarmed peacefully. This still leaves Saddam Hussein in power.

I'm pretty sure that the Bush administration wants Saddam out. However, the administration framed the whole confrontation in terms of disarming Iraq and Saddam. Would the administration have had a stronger argument now had they originally framed it as an attempt to oust a ruthless dictator?

For sure Saddam's an evil man and needs to be removed. The administration was counting on lack of cooperation from Saddam as the excuse to take him out. That is, I think, the real reason for going to war in Iraq. Not disarmament but removal of Saddam.

So if Saddam grudgingly complies, we'll have a disarmed Iraq (maybe), but we're still stuck with an evil man in power.