Things Are About to Get Very Bad for Mitt Romney

The story about why Mitt Romney has not released more of his tax returns is about to break wide open-- and it could be the end of his candidacy. I expected the story to start to get legs today. There were a few rumblings over the weekend. All this even before the smoke has cleared regarding when exactly he left Bain Capitol to manage the Olympics.

 Here's the latest from the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson:
Romney has spent the better part of a decade running for president. Did it never occur to him that if he ever won the Republican nomination, surely there would come a time when he was under pressure to release multiple years’ worth of tax returns? Did he think everyone would forget that it was his own father, George Romney, who set the modern standard for financial disclosure? Did he not recall that when he was being considered for the vice presidential nod four years ago, he furnished tax returns spanning more than two decades to John McCain’s campaign?
All good questions. So now even conservatives are calling for a full disclosure of returns. This is real trouble for Romney. If it comes out that he's a tax cheat then that's the end for Mitt. Look for serious challenges to his candidacy at the convention.