People Who Worked at the Colonel

An old friend recently reminded me that I used to work at Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken in high school. Here's an informal list of people who worked at the Colonel from March 1973 to May 1975. It's been a long time and I'm forgetting a lot of people. Terry Grovesnor - He was the manager when I started. Ernie Biggs - He was the assistant manager. He had a badass Charger, even if it was an automatic. Steve Stover - A guy I grew up with and one of my best friends. Mike Mitchell - A really good friend and a great personality. Kathy Barr - One of the girls that worked up front. Foxy! Barbara Jean Englemyer - One of the girls that worked up front. Too pretty to even talk to. Craig Patten - A really good friend who taught me a lot. I still talk to him from time to time. Betsy Dye - One of the girls that worked up front. Foxy! Was in my class at RHS. Gerry Gerkin - Was assistant manager and later manager. One of the nicest guys. Later joined the Navy. Bill Patterson - A great human, good friend and a guy I still keep in touch with. Candy Christensen - Dated Candy for a while. A really cool girl.