Something's Fishy About the Bailout

I can't put my finger on it but I just have this feeling that this whole bailout thing is simply a poorly conceived and executed plan to provide political cover for our so-called leaders. And to especially help Bush leave office in less disgrace than he will already.  Is there a true economic crisis?  Especially of the magnitude that\'s been reported. The economy's been in trouble for quite a while already. Here's an excerpt of a minnpost.com report from a panel of economists at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs Tuesday night:
The Bush administration has acted in this crisis the same as it has acted for the last eight years, Chari said. "The consistent message is: We're grown-ups. We understand the real problems. You don't. We need to go into Iraq. We need to spend $720 billion. Because we have the information that you don't. "The publicly available data don't support the need for the type of bailout bill pushed by the president, Chari said, and if the administration has more telling data, it should be disclosed. Without seeing what they're seeing, the bailout appears to be "remarkably unwise," he said. "They're not telling us what we're not seeing that they are seeing," Chari said. "There is this nagging fear maybe they're reacting to weird things in their heads."
Stinson acknowledge the problem that many people believe they are being misled, but said he believes the threat to the economy is credible. "This isn't Mr. [Ahmed] Chalabi reporting visions of mobile bio weapons labs running around the streets of Baghdad," Stinson said of a key figure in the run-up to the Iraq war in gathering information that turned out to be false. Instead of a grainy satellite image in a Colin Powell slide show, what economists are seeing is a widening gap in the rate banks are charging each other compared to what the Federal Reserve charges.
Something's fishy about this "bailout". Time will tell whether the administration's response was warranted or whether it was just a "let's cover our ass" move. People don't trust the Bush administration's version of the "crisis". Well,  I have no idea why that would occur.